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Popmoney is a person-to-person payments service (P2P) developed by CashEdge (now part of Fiserv) and launched in December 2010. The service enables individuals to send and receive payments electronically in a manner that is designed to displace traditional check payments. In 2018, some banks began to replace popmoney with Zelle. The name "Popmoney" is an acronym for "pay other people money".


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Abeba Fiseha says

"This company is a scam. Do not use it. They ask all personal information including DOB, bank account and address. They don't want to pay. They put you on restriction and you have to call them. They ask further personal question and then they tell you they are opening case. You don't get your money the next 10 days if you are lucky or you have to call again and wait another 10 days. It's completely scam. Do NOT USE it."

Nia Martinez says

"I would advise all black people to steer away from this company, I sent my ID and bank statement they said it was fraud, cause of the money I RECIEVED.It was personal.They are racist and disgusting"

Mike says

"Garbage! Absolutely the slowest transfer service available. Poor customer service, even my financial institution is tired of dealing with them. Use Zelle or cash app. You can get a money order and mail it faster then these jerks move. Just go out of business already and stop spreading your disease to other people."

ahuntergatherer says

Literally hours on hold. Finally someone answers and says they have to transfer to another dept. Then more hold - THEN THE SYSTEM HANGS UP ON YOU!
Multiple tries on multiple days and just cannot get their "security" hold resolved. I am sending money from one of my accounts to another of my own accounts. They put the send on hold for a fictitious reason! Then it is impossible to reach them!"

Alona Lohman says

"Put my transfer on hold on New Year's eve for no reason. I have to pay my rent! To remove the hold I have to call them and for that I need to wait until Monday! That makes it 4 days late on my rent, having my money just sitting on the account. RIDICULOUS! Don't use this service, if you value your nerves."

Northern one says

"Wow, I should have checked the other reviews before making the mistake of registering and trying to use this awful service. Received a Christmas gift of some money to get through a difficult holiday season, sent by a well-meaning aunt. Have been unable to claim it ever since. Eventually gave up, asked Popmoney to close my account (it's full of personal information). They refuse! They won't delete you account, name, or number. Isn't there a law against this? Stay far far away."

Bryan says

"Same as others. They charge a fee to hold your money for three business days for what? Go Zelle this is like early PayPal - slow, not responsible for anything, more of a disservice than service, and has zero value in the banking to banking industry!"

Matthew Stewart says

"Is it possible to give zero stars? I have wasted two hours on this useless, frustrating, bug-ridden, glitchy app. Zelle: five-minute set up, never a problem. VenMo, same. These are easy-to-use and reliable apps.

What is wrong with this company?

Steer clear of this if you can. I pity any and all who are required to use it, as I am."

Mignonne Davis says

"I would rate it 0 stars if I could. I tried to use it one time through my bank and the person I paid had to wait 3 days, call popmoney, call her bank and still the transaction didnt go through. I wound up using Zelle instead and was a breeze. I had to call my bank to cancel the transaction and that even took 3 more days and the money was held up all that time. I will never use it again."

Leanne Longtin says

"this system is so archaic. i only tried it because midland bank was promoting it my bank but midland sucks so im not suprised pop money sucked. my mom sent me $10 as a trial and i had it set up for automatic deposit but i had to go online and accept it and you cant go online through phone browser you need to do it on a laptop or desktop seriously is this year 2000??? Then it takes 3 days to go to my account even though its automatic deposit its pop money midland bank to pop money midland bank. Cash app, venmo, zelle, pay pal, chase quick pay all straight up are no joke 100000% better. Pop money its not hard you see how all those other apps do it. Catch up with the times or go out of business you are doomed for failure. You suck."

Steve Jonaus says

"Poor customer service. I can't get a hold of anyone by calling their 877 number. I waited on hold for over 2 hours (a few times) and still no one picked up. When I e-mail them they say I need to call the 877 number. There are many other money person to person money transfer companies out there. Use someone else."

Megan Ryan&Jayden'sMomma says

"I would give this 0 stars if it was possible, but it makes you click at least 1 to leave a review. I wish somebody would have warned me before, Do Not use this. It is a horrible service. My sister tried to send me my money, a simple transaction from her bank account to mine, and it was such a horrible experience. After 3 days of jumping through they're hoops, sending them the "required" documentation for services, calling customer service 3 different times, they just completley suspended the account. It was such a terrible experience, we ended up canceling the whole transaction so we can use a different method of paying. Save yourself the trouble!!"

Joanne Ang says

"I was told I was being paid for services rendered via something called Popmoney. 'Never heard of them. Bottom line, it's nothing but barriers to actually getting the money. And then, afterwards, I learned online that I may be charged a fee by them. What?! If anyone should be charged, it should be the person SENDING the money, not the recipient. Anyway, do yourself a favor -- do NOT use them under ANY circumstances or for any reason at all. You're forewarned."

Nathan Person says

"I'd give it 0 stars if I could. I can sign up with any money service within minutes and be sending money but with these guys it takes weeks. I spent days calling with no answer since my account was placed on a hold to verify me. I was reached out to by email with what was needed and sent back the forms needed. I had to enquire days later as to status and they responded I was verified. My account is still on hold and I can't use it. This is probably one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with and I understand now why they get such a low rating everywhere."

Kristin Foley says

"I opted to use this service for my small business checking account through Citizens Bank. I unfortunately trusted this as a valid option as it was what was offered on Citizens Bank for small businesses. It is a paid service but I thought it would be worth the cost for me to be able to send my invoicing electronically. I should have done my research instead of being trusting.

I sent invoices to each of my clients. This prompts my clients to create an account in order to pay the invoice.

The set up process is not as user-friendly as I would have hoped and many of my clients had difficulty in the set up. (The verification step is not clear to see)

Once the clients set up their account and verified their banking information, they then attempted to pay my invoice. Every single client was told their account was put on hold when they tried to pay and were then required to contact Popmoney customer service. The hold time was extensive and took up to 50 minutes in some cases. After speaking with the representative and verifying again that they were the account holder they were told that in 2-3 days the hold would be removed.

Next several of them received an email request from Popmoney requiring additional verification information: a copy of their license (or passport) and bank information. I find this unacceptable! This is after they went through the initial verification process and were "verified" and then were put on hold and called to go through a second verification process.

After providing this additional information, which seems unacceptable to request after the first and second verification, the problems continue...

The invoices were then "cancelled" apparently due to a timing issue (although this whole process was over the span of 5 days) and when I called I was told that I would need to resubmit the invoices again.

At this point, I am not putting my clients through any more wasted time and energy to attempt to use a subpar service.

I am frustrated and angry with the customer service and overall quality of Popmoney. I would strongly DISCOURAGE a small business owner from attempting to use their service. I regret using this service as I am frustrated, and my clients are frustrated with the setup and hurdles they attempted to jump through. I not only wasted my time and energy but more importantly I wasted my clients time and energy! The exact opposite of my goal as a small business owner. They hired me to make things easier for them in their businesses, not to cause added aggravation."

Ginny Miller says

"Popmoney is terrible. The first time I used it, my payment was received immediately. The second time I was sent money, my account was placed on hold because they said I needed to verify my phone number. No one sent me any notification of this and my account was placed on hold. It has been 5 days and I STILL don't have my money. If given the option I would never use this company again. I have been on hold for 15 minutes and getting no where."

Dawn Quinn says

"I am not sure whether the transaction completed successfully. However as a recipient the process was tedious and to add my date of birth required me to back track many years month by month which is ridiculous. How many babies have checking accounts."

Gloria Gonzalez says

"Pop money is a scam! I’m a 65 yr old and my 28 yr old son set me up an account on pop money to pay his dad,my room mate $500.00 a month.
My room mate died on July 11. I stopped pop money the end of July before August payment could go out.
Pop money couldn’t get payment from my account. So they paid out of their funds and put a hold on my accountSo I could not pay my bills. I called my bank they said 3rd party hold had to be resolved with them Pop money collections. I called them they said I had to pay them $500.00 to cover their cost and to take hold off my account and that they would credit my credit card back that evening. I complied, (like an idiot), they never credited my $500.00 back and it has been phone call after phone call with no results. I have been trying to get my $500.00 back and no one will assist, the all pass the buck, say they will call me w and no one ever does. It has been a very stressful experience and I don’t know what else to do. I will never use pop money again and I suggest that nobody else use it. I hope the go out of business. They paid a deceased person money and I tried to explain that to them and they don’t want to hear it so they can keep my $500.00. Thumbs down for pop money/ 0 out of 10 for referrals.😓"

Rye says

"I signed up to make a transfer, my account started on hold until they verified my identity, which I didn't mind--BUT after I jump through the hoops to verify I am who I say I am, I go to make the transfer and immediately have my profile put on hold again!! Unacceptable, a complete headache to use. Easy and convenient, not by a long shot. If I could leave 0 stars I would. Customer service is helpful however the whole process is a hassle."

Elizabeth Rohde says

"Golden One Credit Union uses this service and it's OMG awful. My atty had suggested this to send him a down payment for a time-sensitive startup of paperwork. After signing up, I sent down payment on Aug,29....ITS STILL PROCESSING AS OF SEPT 2! I will never again use this service, it's by far the worst servicing that I have ever used. Even FB can send $ easier. COME ON! I feel that the company does the lag thing with holding the monies, in order to collect said interest on the money being held. This is the first AND ABSOLUTELY THE LAST time that I will ever use this so called, "convenient" free service. It's most DEFINITELY NOT worth the headaches involved. There is NO EXCUSE for such bad business practices, not in this era of being able to love $ around. Stay away from this servicer. RUN, AND FAST!"

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